The mission of the Quimby Amenti Foundation* is to promote peace, enlightenment, and well being through the application of ancient mystery teachings and spiritual wisdom to modern living.

We are on a perennial quest for meaning. In that search, universal themes emerge that are eternal truths regardless of technological development, time or place. Humanity is far more ancient than we realize. The rise and fall of civilizations has hinged on a dialectic between wisdom, character and virtue, and the quest for privilege, indulgence, greed and domination, while the constancy of spiritual collaboration is an always present resource.

Our potential lies in the human soul and its capacity to make virtuous choices. To be human is to be heir to an intrinsic potential to master life through the deep capacity of mind and heart, as embodied in the great religions and mystery teachings of all times. The outcome of today‘s events are directly related to our personal realization of the love, power and intelligence that is intrinsic to our souls. The true lineage and authority of spiritual understanding is encoded in the body, heart, mind and soul of each human being.

*Phineus Parkhurst Quimby was a nineteenth century American Transcendentalist healer, who lived in Maine. As a “touch-stone” for spiritual evolution, Amenti is an ancient wisdom school, based on what the ancients call the Teachings of the One.


Education that awakens the heart liberates the mind, enables the fulfillment of souls, and transforms society. Amenti Institute explores the understanding, methods and skill necessary for delivering education that is congruent with the intrinsic spiritual nature of each person. The foundation courses are: Noegenesis: Mystery School for the New Millennium and Noetic Field Therapy Practitioner Program.


Human consciousness is made to discover, know, and evolve. The first instrument of research is the self as spirit, soul, mind, and body. The second is the application of technical and intuitive instruments of discover, that are informed by character and enlightenment. We are committed to using the best approaches of spiritual and material research to discover enlightened approaches to self and living.


Eyes Made of Soul: the Theory and Practice of Noetic Field Therapy, and Foot Prints of Eternity – Ancient Wisdom Applied to Modern Psychology, by Robert D. Waterman, EdD, are examples of books that we are committed to publish. These books evolved from the need to communicate applications of the ancient mysteries to modern therapy, enlightenment, and transformation. It is only the beginning.


Practitioners associated with the Foundation offer a spectrum of services that facilitate transformation, healing and enlightenment for individuals, groups and organizations.


Our initial project is to develop the Association of Noetic Field Therapists as a continuing support for practicing graduates of the Noetic Field Therapy Practitioner Program.


This part of our mission is in the planning stage and requires a large endowment. Our plan is to provide grants for innovative projects that are consistent with the Foundation mission.


The Quimby Amenti Foundation is a 50lc3, non-profit corporation. At this time we need donations for:

  • Organizational and facilities development.
  • Publication and production of written, and audio and video educational material.
  • Development of the Association of Noetic Field Therapy Practitioners.
  • Philanthropy for mission related projects.