Our rapidly changing world invites us to combine spiritual understanding with modern technology. By awakening to our innate holiness, we no longer choose from fear. We live from a center of peace. Each perceived problems becomes a stepping stone to mastery. Through a combination of ancient wisdom and modern psychology, the Quimby Amenti Foundation’s mission is to help you awaken to the potential of your holiness in the simplest and most direct way possible.

Phineas Parkhurst Quimby was a nineteenth century American Transcendalist energy healer who lived in Maine. As a “touch-stone” for spiritual evolution, Amenti is an ancient wisdom mystery school, based on what the ancients call the Teachings of the One.

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Quimby Amenti Foundation sponsors programs and services that:

Quimby Amenti Foundation conducts research in:

  • Develop the understanding and skill to live a soul-centered life.
  • Combine the best of the ancient mysteries, modern psychology, spiritual understanding, and noetic science in a useful format for modern living.
  • Provide simple and direct ways for you to develop your inherent spiritual strengths and to live a fulfilled, enlightened life.
  • Provide Noetic Balancing as a multidimentional approach to health and well being.
  • Educational and service opportunities in Transformational Leadership, Community Service, Noetic Balancing, Spiritual development.
  • The understanding of human nature as a spiritual, mental, emotional and physical being.
  • Field approaches to health and well being that combine understanding from ancient wisdom, spiritual understanding and new science.
  • Transformational Leadership and its application to peace, social health and global understanding.
  • The personal attainment of enlightenment and inner discovery and a source of human health, and cultural, social and financial transformation.