Eyes Made of Soul
The Theory and Practice of Noetic Balancing
by Robert D. Waterman
$19.99 / 29.99

A breakthrough in spiritual psychology, the reader begins with an orientation to self as a multidimensional being living fully aware in the fabric of life. Then, self takes us into a deeper discovery of how to transform the beliefs and traumas that distort the morphic field that holds the physical self. Through self forgiveness and energy techniques, we are able to deconstruct limitation and balance distortion thereby transforming our sense of self from ego to soul. In complete presence, our ability to see life through soul eyes makes available a power level of unconditional love that is the true transformer.

footprints-of-eternity Foot Prints of Eternity
Ancient Wisdom Applied to Modern Psychology
by Robert D. Waterman

Courageously linking religion, science and psychology, “Foot Prints of Eternity” explores noetic psychology and its application to personal and professional transformation. Building on simple human premises, Dr. Waterman weaves practical psychology and ancient mysteries into a science of spirit, creating a coherent applied model of psychology and therapy, exploring theory, as well as, practical protocols for engaging and applying the full range of our multidimensional human capacity. A central premise is that we negotiate our reality through perception and, for this to have value, we must access our personal psychology and spirituality at a deep level of consciousness.