Association of Noetic Practitioners


Noetic Field Therapy is a unique approach that is founded on the principle that we are all Divine Beings, part and parcel of a Greater Spiritual Essence and that our everyday reality is one that demonstrates perfection in its continual process of awakening to our greater potential. Noetic Field Therapy describes this completely natural awakening process, the practitioner brings their awareness and skill to the client session to facilitate and enhance the client’s process of transformation and awakening. The dedication of the practitioner is profound.

The Association of Noetic Field Therapy Practitioners is an educational and professional organization whose philosophy is dedicated to the enhancement, awakening and transformation of consciousness toward the highest ideals of human development. We recognize the need to first demonstrate this in ourselves. In our own awakening as Divine Beings we strive to demonstrate in our own lives the principles, methods and techniques as taught in Noetic Field Therapy. There is divinity in everyone and we embrace a universal, non-inflictive approach in support of the worthiness, dignity, potential, and uniqueness of each individual.

Noetic Field Therapy Practitioners work to develop a valid, reliable and consistent approach to the transformation of human consciousness based on experiential research and consistent protocol. The awareness and knowledge learned may then be applied to healing, awakening and transforming the consciousness. In the application, they perform many roles, such as healer, educator, assessor, mentor and researcher. Their goal is to facilitate positive health in all the levels and areas of a persons’ life and thus improve conditions for both the individual and society.


The purpose of this Association is to create a forum amongst like-minded individuals for discussion and sharing of awarenesses, experiences and ideas. This forum is meant to enhance and strengthen the skill and ethics of the practitioners. This forum is here to stimulate growth and opportunities for all of us. This forum also acts as a conduit for greater access, on a day-to-day basis, to the awareness and presence of the inherent wisdom of the greater Noetic Field.


Noetic Field TherapyTM Practitioner is a general term which means that a person has completed the 120-hour Noetic Field Therapy course. The integration of NFT into the practices of licensed helping professionals, such as counselors, psychotherapists, massage therapists, psychiatrists, etc, is solely the responsibility of those professionals. Completion of the 120-hr NFT course and membership in this Association is not a statement of guarantee to prospective clients.


  1. You must have completed the minimum 120-hour Noetic Field Therapy Training through the Quimby Amenti Foundation to be eligible to join. Current and ongoing practice of NTF is not required to join this Association.
  2. Your application will be reviewed by the Association membership approval process. The Association reserves the right to disapprove an applicant according to their own criteria. Membership credentials are the property of the Association and must be returned at the request of the Association.
  3. When you join, you acknowledge that you have read, understand and are in agreement with the ANFTP Code of Ethics.
  4. You understand and agree that the use of any psychotropic or recreational drugs is incompatible with the values, principles and practice of Noetic Field Therapy and you agree to refrain from the use of any such drugs while being a Noetic Field Therapy practitioner.
  5. You understand and agree that alcohol and tobacco dependency is inconsistent with the values, principles and practice of Noetic Field Therapy and you agree that, in order to practice Noetic Field Therapy you are free from alcohol or tobacco dependency. If you develop a dependency while currently practicing Noetic Field Therapy you agree to abstain from practicing until you have resolved and released the dependency.
  6. Continued membership in this Association requires adherence to these Guidelines, the Code of Ethics and completion of a renewal form each year. (These forms will be sent to you in a timely way.)

For a directory of Practitioners, please visit Amenti Mystery School website.