Quimby Amenti Foundation

Amenti Mystery School – Information and in-depth courses in the ancient mysteries through the mystery school and courses for Noetic Field Therapy practitioners.

flagsEuropean Noetic Field Therapy Web Site – a group which was formed to enable its members to unite their forces, to facilitate their interactions, provide a platform for study and exchanges, and inform the public of its activities. The activities of the group are open to people trained or training in Noetic Field Therapy.

energytherapyNoetic Balancing – Noetic Balancing is a spiritual approach to inner harmony, clarity, and alignment. With Noetic Balancing you can feel clear, centered, and experience a renewed sense of purpose and direction.
hearttohands-logoHeart to Hands – Heart to Hands is a non-profit that helps develop the leaders of the future through creating service internships that foster positive social and environmental change. We are the educational arm of the Quimby Amenti Foundation which is a 501 (c) 3.
Make It HeavenMake It Heaven LLC – presents professional spiritual and personal growth workshops and seminars for cocreating heaven on earth. Becoming a Spiritual Scientist™, a Course for Cocreators, combines the best of the ancient wisdom schools with up-to-date spiritual techniques for moving out of story-based reality into intentional reality. The site features articles about bringing heaven to earth as well as books, Rebecca Skeele audio CDs, Soul Salons™, and Make It Heaven flower essences for the purpose of helping people become masterful at living intentionally.
Soul Centered HealingSoul Centered Healing – Dedicated to improving, restoring and supporting your complete health and wellness. We offer a variety of alternative health care modalities to facilitate and promote your health on all levels. We view health holistically, integrating the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.
Southwestern College – The mission of Southwestern College is “Transforming Consciousness Through Education.” Southwestern College is a progressive training institution and graduate school which draws upon ancient world wisdom, modern social science, and current developments in the fields of counseling, psychology, art therapy, neurobiology, quantum physics and conscious leadership.
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Soul Body Therapies – provides advanced structural bodywork and Noetic Field Balancing which utilizes spiritual assistance to bring awareness to our innate spiritual capacities.
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